Wait Until You See

by Dear Data

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For over two years, Dear Data has been piecing together songs, toiling over their craft, and building their fan base. Now, at long last, Yasmina Moore-Foster, Alan Church, Charlie Ward and Matthew Sandstedt have something to offer their patient followers.

Dear Data is delighted to present their debut EP, Wait Until You See, a unique marriage of electro-pop sounds, smooth vocals, and sonic quirks that make for an expansive six-track collection. Each tune showcases a different side of the enigmatic foursome, threaded together with some mysterious inter-galactic lyrics (inspired, in part, by the band’s namesake character, Star Trek’s Data) and a deft meshing of cool beats and soulful rhythms.


released August 24, 2013

Dear Data:
Yasmina Moore-Foster // Vocals
Alan Church // Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Matthew Sandstedt // Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Charlie Ward // Guitar

Wait Until You See EP
Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Adam Krinsky at Bellows Studio, St. Paul
Additional drums recorded at Shock and Audio, Minneapolis
Mastered by Huntely Miller for HM Mastering, Minneapolis

Oceans VS Mountains
Recorded, Produced and Mixed and by Knol Tate at his house
Mastered by Huntely Miller for HM Mastering, Minneapolis

Lights on for Gaza
John McConville // Guitar
Dan Haugh // Bass
Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Knol Tate at his house
Mastered by Huntely Miller for HM Mastering, Minneapolis



all rights reserved


Dear Data Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Stone Cold Fox
I'm looking for a cowboy lean
I'm prowling for a Bankster
At a world wide party in the woods
Drank your daddy's cab 'cause mal's no good

A stone cold fox
came in my house and he changed all the locks
When I found out, I called up my mama
She said, "Girl, you get out, and lay him right out
Sit where he stays
Prey where he prays
And lay him right out"

I'm making copies on the fax machine
I'm sending pages to the gangsters
From a world wide party in the woods
Dial-up dads drank all they could
Track Name: Rocket Ship
While I was working
I found another conversion
a way to make the whole world cube up in two, three
If Earth girls are frontin'
I'll be a space babe for nothin'
and we can watch the Sext Generation TV

Here's how we'll do it
I'll need your solids, your fluids
for every flower you ruined the sand dunes
Give me a log and a function
I'll make an axe out of gumption
Cut up to carve us a rhythm fit for the moon

Get off on rocket ships
You don't need no glove
Get on the rocket ship
The ship of love

While I was working
I found another man jerking off
to another man's stroganoff recipe
I know that dish is delicious
but just who's wish is to kiss us
when we've been strobin' off in other galaxies

Washed all the blankets
Stacked high, I folded and ranked them
With every movie to make a man's dry face wet
Now this ship is loaded with Noah's kids and my motive
to show the Queen a galactic love at its best

The ship we built in my backyard
is filled with quilts, home movies and fast cars
When we take our ship to the drive-thru
We're rollin' smokin' dubs through parades
if only the Queen knew
Track Name: The Mistakes I Make
My sister had jäger
It was a waste of time
Can't change it
Bring the ashtray from your daddy's home office

Why would you lie to me

I can't be gone too long
You have our word
Bruce: everybody wins
until conversations end

The mistakes I make
They are on the battlefield
Track Name: Oceans VS Mountains
Oceans one, Mountains two
Mountains win every time
Green finger nails
That is enough

Shake it down
You're gifted like tomorrow's morning

I want to capture you
with all my power Holga
I want the trees to be mine
Then I will go back
Destroy the gas, destroy the station
He did a real job of it
Now I must amend it
No one help him win

So she made back up plans for New Year's

Oceans won; Mountains, too
Mountains win every time
Track Name: Kentucky Roads
Is is the same
Have you already paid
Is it sane
Has it gone to your brain
Is it safe

My sanity always comes when I’m looking to hid
My sanity always runs when I’m losing my mind

It’s already laid
and it’s getting late in L.A.
Kentucky roads
This hot tub’s getting cold
and it’s late

So I’ll hold on
While it folds out

I will make you drunk on lemonade
It’s a fake
Track Name: Lights on for Gaza
Leaving the lights on
sans Christmas carols
Maybe you should leave the lights on

Falling down the stairs
right through the window
Maybe you should turn the lights on

Fall asleep in the cabin
Fall asleep on the patio
Ape awake over nothing
Ape awake over everything
Maybe you should turn the lights on